About Ray Calabrese

I began writing dancingalone530.com as I grieved the loss of my best friend and wife. I wanted to share with others who grieve what I was doing to “dance alone.” Just as I didn’t foresee Babe’s untimely death, I didn’t foresee how the breaths of love were healing me. A neighbor’s kindness, new connections with those who work out with me at the Y, and those who are part of my faith community. The sunlight began to slowly creep back into my life

As the sunlight crept back into my life, the focus of dancingalong530.com changed. I began to think more of the present and future. I wanted to paint each with colorful hues and dream of a future filled with joy and happiness. I started to follow a dream first born in second grade, to write fiction. I linked it to an innate desire to liberate readers caught in the trap of self-doubt and feelings of powerlessness and open to them a horizon of hope beckoning them forward, if only they would choose to chase their dreams.

Consequently, each day I post my fiction prose. And, each day I post a short inspirational message and video. My characters make me laugh on their rollicking adventures. Here’s hoping you get a few laughs and rest for our serious often too glum world. My inspirational posts touch my heart and I trust they touch yours as well.

What follows is a more detailed depiction of my journey.

Experiencing the loss of my wife and best friend Barb, tested my optimism, never quit attitude, and faith in God. Yet, the spirit of hope indelibly marks my DNA. My wife, Barb, I always called her Babe, and our five daughters taught me all I needed to know about life. The girls grew into amazing, strong, independent women. They sustained and supported me during the darkest days of my life. Babe and the girls’ love and support were anchors to an illustrious academic career where I published ten books and well over a hundred refereed journal articles. I received several awards for the most outstanding paper. I addressed national and international audiences and conducted numerous workshops. My research at The Ohio State University focused on helping people discover the best in themselves and others changed personal lives, public organizations, and whole communities. Join my more than 22,700 Twitter followers and discover that my tweets are always good stuff. Please feel free to email any questions to me at ray.brese@gmail.com.