Grieving? This Book Will Help

Losing someone you love hurts. I know. Five years ago, I lost my wife to glioblastoma. She died ten weeks after her glioblastoma diagnosis. I quickly discovered I knew nothing about grieving. There were days when I wasn’t sure if I’d survive. While I grieved I wrote, hoping to understand what I was experiencing and perhaps, help someone else who grieved. I published my experience as “Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again.” Recently, I revised Dancing Alone to offer a more reflective view of grieving. I retitled the book, “Grieving: Walking Through the Darkness.” If you or someone you know grieves, Grieving: Walking Through the Darkness, will help you or those you know understand that what you are experiencing is normal. Like me, you may never gets over grieving, but you will get through.

Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again is Available from Barnes and NobleΒ or from ebooks2go.

Grieving: Walking Through the Darkness is available from Amazon as a paperback or ebook.