What If . . .

What if I stopped doing what I’m doing and started in a new direction? That’s a scary thought. We get set in a job/career. We form habits to get through the day. We are into comfortable routines. When a crises hits and takes us out of our routines and habits we find ourselves caught in an emotional storm. We don’t want to change or adapt. We have no choice if we are to survive, we have to change and adapt. It is possible to stop what one is doing and start in a new direction. People do it all the time. It’s not easy. It forces us to think differently and acquire new knowledge. It forces us to grow.

Something to Think About

A cold front raced through south Texas yesterday plunging the temperatures nearly 30 degrees. The morning chill let my neighbors and me know winter is not going to skip us this year. It will be a short winter compared to northern areas (that’s good). It is a good reminder that things change. There’s not much we can do about many of life’s changes except to adapt, adjust, and learn to roll with it. When we fight things we can’t change, we waste our emotions and energy that could be better spent working on things we can change. 

Today’s Power Thought ~ Be Well Suited for the Future

What we perceive as the truth today may not be the truth tomorrow. Things change. New knowledge is learned. When we approach life with an open mind and eyes willing to see, we can adapt to evolving situations. Don’t fear change or new knowledge. Adapt to it and you’ll be well suited for the future.

Something to Think About

Fall is in full swing in the northern hemisphere. Leaves are falling. The temperatures are dropping. The squirrels are gathering nuts. These are all signs that fall is here and winter is not far away. The seasons change. They don’t fight change. It is nature’s way. We can take lessons from nature. When change is inevitable, why fight it, adapt to it, make the best of it. Turn the change into something beautiful. Like each season, which has it’s own special beauty, we can make each season of our lives beautiful and let it shine brightly. C’mon, you can do it.

Today’s Power Thought ~ Adapting to Life’s Challenges

Life is a continuous process of growing and changing. Adapt and adjust to life as it challenges you. Learn to swim with life’s stream. 

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