Longevity Tip ~ Advice from 3 Centenarians

Samuel Bender, 100, is still quite the gym bunny. Bender likes to keep fit with a variety of exercises, including swimming, and also credits a happy 73-year marriage (and good food) for his long life. . . . Another resident, Elsa Zopfi, is still spunky as ever at 104. She still gets her hair dyed and says she doesn’t like to go overboard these days when it comes to fitness. Zopfi’s main form of exercise is walking as much as she can. Robert Kenyon, 102, is said to be an avid reader and tries not to think too much about how old he is. But even with their differing interests, there’s one similarity between the three. They are all said to have a great sense of humor and they all make sure to stay social in their community.


Writer’s Wisdom ~ Write Every Day

Exercising is a good analogy for writing. If you’re not used to exercising you want to avoid it forever. If you’re used to it, it feels uncomfortable and strange not to. No matter where you are in your writing career, the same is true for writing. Even fifteen minutes a day will keep you in the habit. ~ Jennifer Egan