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Longevity Tip: You Can Influence the Rate at Which You Age

The rate at which you age, or at least at which you appear to age, is heavily dependent on your lifestyle and how you take care of your body day to day. Small tweaks to your everyday routine can have big rewards, like taking years off of your face and adding years to your life. Don’t expect the fountain of youth, but correct these missteps and you’ll be looking like a fresher, younger version of yourself in no time.The rate at which you age, or at least at which you appear to age, is heavily dependent on your lifestyle


Longevity Tip ~ Think Positive

There are countless reasons why getting older is great. (Senior discounts! Way more wisdom!) So instead of succumbing to tired stereotypes, think about what you love about your current age.  Yale University research shows that older adults who see aging as a good thing live almost eight years longer and have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease compared to those who view aging negatively. “Having a positive view of aging is associated with both living longer and living better,” Dr. Kaiser says. 

It turns out, the fountain of youth was inside your head all along.


Longevity Tip ~ Use It or Lose It

Use it or lose it, maybe

Observational studies have consistently found that people with an active life—mentally, physically and socially—tend to be healthier and have a lower risk of mental decline and dementia as they age. No surprise there. But determining cause and effect is hard. Though researchers try to adjust for this in their studies, it could be that people who are mentally and physically healthy are better able to stay active.


Longevity Tip ~ Age Is Only a Number

In order to protect your body and mind, remaining active is important. This not only relates to physical exercise, but also mental stimulation. When you remain active, you essentially enhance your quality of life. It’s important to seek activities that you enjoy and challenge you. Physical exercise can be as simple as walking for 30 minutes daily. Once you’re in the habit of being an active individual both in your home and community, you’ll find that age is simply a number.


Longevity Tip

Want to Age Well?

Eat a Rainbow of Fruits and Vegetables: People who eat a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables have lower rates of chronic disease, including hypertension, coronary disease, and stroke. They also maintain healthier body weights and live longer. Why should you taste the rainbow? The diverse colors of fruits and vegetables represent different nutrients and antioxidants, with properties that can fight aging from a number of angles.