What If . . .

What if you asked yourself, “What am I passionate about?” How would  you answer that question? When you think about this question, try to block out thoughts of complying with what other people think or what appears to be popular. Discover your inner passion. It’s inside you and waiting for you to discover it. When you discover it, flame its fire and turn it into a roaring blaze.  

A Better Life ~ Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Don’t fear asking for what you want. If you don’t ask the answer will always be no. Even if you ask and the answer is no, look for another way. There is always another way. 

Today’s Poem ~ The Answer

The Answer

Grantland Rice

When the battle breaks against you and the crowd forgets to cheer
  When the Anvil Chorus echoes with the essence of a jeer;
  When the knockers start their panning in the knocker’s nimble way
  With a rap for all your errors and a josh upon your play—
  There is one quick answer ready that will nail them on the wing;
  There is one reply forthcoming that will wipe away the sting;
  There is one elastic come-back that will hold them, as it should—
  Make good.

  No matter where you finish in the mix-up or the row,
  There are those among the rabble who will pan you anyhow;
  But the entry who is sticking and delivering the stuff
  Can listen to the yapping as he giggles up his cuff;
  The loafer has no come-back and the quitter no reply
  When the Anvil Chorus echoes, as it will, against the sky;
  But there’s one quick answer ready that will wrap them in a hood—
  Make good.


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