Feel Good Tip of the Day ~ Sometimes it’s Better to Roll With It

It’s tough to be quiet when you think the other person is wrong or nuts. It’s easy to argue with this person and attempt to put him/her in his/her place. No matter the “rightness” of your argument, you lose if your attempt is the change the way the other person thinks. You see this played out on all the political talk shows. It doesn’t matter which perspective they promote, they’re right in their minds. If you want to feel better, roll with it. You don’t have to agree. You can ask questions in a gentle way that may help them reflect on their position. In any event, you will not lose a friend because of an argument over political issues. And, you’ll sleep better.

A Better Life ~ Dialogue Beats Arguing

Relationships are better when both parties enter into a dialogue over issues where they disagree. When we enter a dialogue we implicitly agree to listen to the other and continue to dialogue until we can reach a reasonable agreement. Dialogue is hard work. It takes time. It takes patience. Dialogue is far better than destructive arguments where there are only winners and losers. In the end, dialogue brings both parties closer together.

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