Feel Good Tip ~ Don’t Rent Space in Your Brain to Folks Who Shouldn’t Be There

I enjoy reading fiction. I take my iPad to the gym to read the ebooks I check out of the library. Before I know it, I’ve completed an hour on the elliptical machine. I read mysteries and thrillers. When the book gets really exciting I’m moving my legs fast enough to wear out the machine (not really). In today’s read, one of the characters says, “Don’t rent space in your brain to a bleep (you can guess at the bleep word). I thought that makes a lot of sense. Don’t let the negative folks have any space in your mind.

Daughter & Dad Episode 4: Books You Can Bet On!

Dad tells some great one-liners… then goes to Las Vegas where he wins big and has a surprise in the casino elevator! Pru and Dad discuss the books that have most influenced them in their lives: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, ReZoom by Istan Banyai, and Mans Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. Dad offers some incredible communication advice and talks about how he survived after Mom’s death. Pru takes a walk with Jengo along the Hahn Arroyo and discusses the creepy crawlies you may encounter there!


What if I went to my library and checked out a book?

What if I went to my library and checked out a book? I enjoy going to my library, online or in person. My branch library is loaded with books, computers, exercise equipment to ride while one reads, and free WiFi. When I go to the library I take my laptop, find a table and work on my writing. I”ve gotten to know the librarians and they me. It’s a friendly place. Most of the books I read I take out digitally and read on my iPad. Check out your local library and discover all the great things it has to offer you. I love my library.

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