Stress Hack: Stressed About an Upcoming Event? Read On

Get Your Sweat On

Sure, a solid cardio set can leave you looking just a little bit more toned, but the mood-boosting endorphins you’ll reap are an even better reason to work it out before a big event . . . In addition to triggering a happy-go-lucky feeling, endorphins released during exercise can help minimize anxiety, according to the Mayo Clinic. So if your big event has got your nerves on edge, use your workout to help get you back to a positive mental state.


Health Hack: Want to Get Fit?

Did You Know Being Fit Give You a No Quit Attitude!

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently surveyed 1,000 ACE-certified personal trainers about the best techniques to get fit. Their top three suggestions: (1) Strength training. Even 20 minutes a day twice a week will help tone the entire body. (2) Interval training. “In its most basic form, interval training might involve walking for two minutes, running for two, and alternating this pattern throughout the duration of a workout. (3) Increased cardio/aerobic exercise by accumulating 60 minutes or more a day of low- to moderate-intensity physical activity, such as walking, running, or dancing.


Health Hack: Losing Weight & The Right Kind of Exercise

Did You Know Doing Only Cardio Slows Your Metabolism?

If losing weight conjures up visions of hours of mindless treadmill workouts, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. It’s not an efficient way to lose weight, says Robert S. Herbst, personal trainer, coach and powerlifter. “When you just do cardio, your body slows down your metabolism to conserve energy (calories).” Instead, Herbst recommends a combination of interval training (alternating bouts of high and low intensity) and weight training. “These activities rev the metabolism because the body spends calories to repair and build new muscle as it recuperates from exercise,” he says. The new muscle also burns more calories at rest, boosting your metabolism all day long.


Wellness Tip

Don’t just take the stairs — use them

If you have stairs at your home or office, take them every chance you get. But don’t stop there. For a strong cardio workout, walk up and down the stairs repeatedly. Start with a limited number of repetitions, then increase them as you feel stronger.