A Better Life ~ Begin By Forgiving Yourself

If you’re forgiving, kind and compassionate toward yourself, chances are very good you’re forgiving, kind and compassionate toward others. What we dislike or hate in ourselves we frequently project onto others. Take time to love the wonderful person you are.

Today’s Good Word ~ Responsibility

Responsibility challenges us to step up and take ownership. When my children were young, I had a responsibility to protect, love, and provide for them. When my wife was alive, I had a responsibility to love her and no other. I also had a responsibility to my employer to provide an honest day’s work for an honest for an honest day’s wage. I live in a democracy and I have a responsibility to my fellow citizens to vote and work with them to create a better society. There are many other areas of responsibility that touch our lives. They may arise on a moment’s notice. For example, if we see someone injured in an accident we have a responsibility to bring aid and call for help. The more we embrace our responsibilities the more we contribute to a kinder and compassionate society.

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