Courage ~ Quote by William Faulkner

You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” ~ William Faulkner

Strength, Courage, & Love ~ Quote by Lao Tzu

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu

To Live of Love ~ Poem by Saint Teresa of Lisieux

To live of love it is to sail afar
And bring both peace and joy where’er I be.
0 Pilot blest! love is my guiding star;
In every soul I meet, Thyself I see.
Safe sail I on, through wind or rain or ice;
Love urges me, love conquers every gale.
High on my mast behold is my device:
“By love I sail!”

excerpt from To Live of Love by St. Teresa of Lisieux

Our Share of Night to Bear ~ Poem by Emily Dickinson

Our Share of Night to Bear 

Our share of night to bear—
Our share of morning—
Our blank in bliss to fill
Our blank in scorning—

Here a star, and there a star,
Some lose their way!
Here a mist, and there a mist,

Emily Dickinson

Emotional Storms & Grieving

In Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again I journal about emotions that swirled about me. I had to learn to live with them or be overwhelmed by them. Here is an excerpt about the emotions I experienced from Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again:

“I think about the emotions that flood me without notice. They arrive with gale force winds in any environment and spark from any trigger. I sum up how my emotions affect me in four simple, easy-to-understand words: It hurts like hell.

It hurts in a way only one who experienced the pain of losing someone they love understands. What does it feel like? It’s not physical pain, yet I experience it physically deep in the pit of my stomach, with a clenched jaw, or through the endless tossing and turning at three in the morning when sleep does not return. It hurts like hell.

I run from away from dealing with my emotions by engaging in exercise, prayer, and writing. Even in those times of distraction, my emotions rear their ugly heads into my space, grab ahold of me, and throw me to the floor. My emotions stand over me, waving their fists and daring me to get up, all too willing to knock me down again. I wearily rise to my knees. I stand again, my legs wobbly. I try to clear my head. It hurts like hell.”

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