Something to Think About

“Imagination creates reality.”

Richard Wagner

Can you recall a time when you imagined something you wanted to happen, then worked toward making it become a reality? What was it? How did you feel when you turned your imagination into reality?

The Stairway of Existence ~ Poem by Hafiz on Love

The Stairway of Existence

Are not
In pursuit of formalities
Or fake religious

For through the stairway of existence
We have come to God’s

We are
People who need to love, because
Love is the soul’s life,

Love is simply creation’s greatest joy.

The stairway of existence,
O, through the stairway of existence, Hafiz

You now come,
Have we all now come to
The Beloved’s

I Am That by the Mystic Julian of Norwich

I am that

I am that.
I am that which is highest.
I am that which is lowest.
I am that which is All.

– Julian of Norwich