Feel Good Tip of the Day ~ Let it Slide

Some folks believe you have to answer each criticism with a strong defense and go on the attack. To me that’s wasted energy. It’s better to let it slide. The moment we give the criticism or the person doing the criticism our attention it becomes the moment we cede control to them. Let the criticism drift on by and get on with matters and people more important and meaningful. You’ll feel better and they’ll get the message that you’re not interested in playing their game.

Something to Think About

We’re all subject to criticism. I’ve not met a person who enjoys being criticized. It bruises our egos and sometimes it’s mean and not meant to help. When criticism is legitimate we can learn from it. We can use it change or improve. Only a foolish person discards all criticism without first weighing its validity. It’s good to enjoy a day being angry at the criticism. After the angry day, shake it off, and reflect on the criticism to see what can be learned from it. 

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