Thinking Out Loud ~ Voting is a Right and Responsibility

One Vote Can Make a Difference

Margaret Atwood in her commencement speech writes, “If enough people show by the issues they raise and by the way they’re willing to vote that they want changes made, then change becomes possible. You may not be able to alter reality, but you can alter your attitude towards it, and this, paradoxically, alters reality.”

Margaret Atwood’s commencement speech is available here.

NOTE: Voting is both a duty and a right in a democracy. When we vote we are saying, “I think that this man or woman will best serve our community or nation.” When we do not carry out our duty and responsibility to vote we leave the choice in the hands of others. We forfeit our great right. One vote doesn’t seem like much; when it is added to the votes of others it can make a great difference. If we commit ourselves to working for candidates we feel will make a positive difference we can alter reality. Things do not have to stay as they are. Things can become better.

Something to Think About

Early voting has started in Texas with election day just two weeks ahead. I take voting seriously. I like to inform myself about the candidates and their positions. I don’t care for the negative ads I see on TV. I view negative ads as half-truths that tell me nothing about either candidate. Voting is a honor and one to take seriously. I’m happy I have choices to make. I may not vote for all winning candidates, but knowing I have a chance to express my viewpoint is a fundamental right in a democracy. 

Something to Think About

The voices of doom were in fine voice this morning as I read the news. They spoke of inflation, recession, evil people winning elections, fires, floods, and melting glaciers. They were forecasting a future  even worse than their news. They bore me. I see a different world. I see people helping each other. I see tough times making us stronger and good times ahead. I have an optimistic faith in a democracy figuring it out and things working out. I’m not going to hide in a closet. I going to choose to enjoy life. I’ll let the naysayers sing their dirges. I prefer to sing and dance.

Something to Think About

A great right in democracies is the right to vote. We can vote between competing candidates who express competing ideas. When we don’t vote, we forfeit our right to have a say in who governs us. Sometimes our votes are for winning candidates whose views we support. Other times, our votes are for the losing candidate and the opposing candidate wins. That’s the way it is in a democracy, the majority vote counts. We accept it and move on, grateful we had a chance to vote.

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