Thinking Out Loud ~ Love, It’s Wonderful

The Little Prince Learns Something Important

Saint-Exupéry writes in The Little Prince of the Little Prince meeting a fox. The Little Prince discovers something about himself..

“I am looking for friends,” said the little prince. “What does tame mean?”

“It is something really forgotten,” said the fox. “It means create connections.”

“Create connections?” said the Little Prince.

“Of course,” said the fox. “You are only a little boy for me just like 100,000 little boys. And I don’t need you. And you don’t need me either. I am only a fox just like 100,000 foxes. But if you tame me, we will need each other. You will be unique in the world for me. I will be unique in the world for you.”

Note: “This is what love does to us. It tames us. We discover the someone in our world who loves us and whom we love. We give our heart to this person and this person gives their heart to us. We trust each other believing that each one of us will hold each other’s heart with care and love. When we are tamed by love there is no need for anyone else in our world. We have found the one person who could tame us and we agreed to be tamed.

What If I Stopped Searching for What I Wanted . . .

What if I stopped searching for what I wanted and began searching for what I needed? It takes heaps of wisdom to understand the difference between what I want and what I need. The irony of the search is that when I find all I need I have all I want.

What If . . .

What if today I decide to roll with it and take the day as it unfolds? I’ve never met a day where every single thing went my way. I’ve had plenty of good days. Yet, even in my good days, there are bumps here and there. I didn’t notice them because they were overwhelmed by the good things that were happening. If I’m looking for a perfect day, I may as well search for gold or an oil well on my property. I’m not going to find either one. If I roll with the day as it unfolds, I’m likely to enjoy the day, maybe get a few laughs out of it. And, maybe I’ll get a few great surprises I otherwise would not have noticed. 

Today’s Power Thought ~ Where Are Your Questions Leading You?

What questions are you asking? Where are they leading you? Do you dare take the journey to discover the answers?

A Better Life ~ We Are a Mystery

No matter how long we live with another, we’ll never know everything about him/her. Each of us is a mystery waiting to be understood and loved. When we see each other as a mystery, we can explore and discover something new to love each day. Great relationships are always falling more deeply in love. Keep discovery each other’s great mystery.

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