Want to be Successful?

We all want to be successful. We all have or had a dream we want to reach. We don’t always get to where we want to go. Is there a secret to being successful? Have you ever thought, ‘Why not me?’ I have. In the following short YouTube video, you learn the 8 secrets of successful people. It’s worth watching. I hope it provides you with the inspiration and knowledge to achieve your dream.


Dare To Go All In

It’s time to assess the quality of our dreams. Are our dreams big enough? Do they challenge us to give it everything we’ve got and hold nothing back? If we look inside, what is depth of the commitment we are willing to make to go after the dream. In this 48 second YouTube video Arnold Schwarzenegger inspires us to go all in after a big dream or not go at all. What is your decision? I know mine.

Do You Have The Fire?

Do you have the fire? Is it burning bright enough to drive you through today? Is it burning bright enough to overcome discouragement, disappointment, and failure? The fire is within you. Perhaps it is only a glowing ember. Fan the ember, turn the ember into a raging fire. to fuel your passion. The following short YouTube video is one man’s story of rising out of poverty to achieve his goals. He talks about failure. He talks about discouragement. And, he talks about perseverance and the courage to continue to fan the flames.

Fight On! You’ll Make It

Struggling to catch your dream? Fighting your way through writer’s block? Wondering if anyone but the person who loves you most will appreciate your talent? Join the club. It’s part of the initiation process to see if you and I are worthy to reach the dream. Fight on. Don’t quit. Okay, discouragement happens. It’s one of the club’s perquisites. Fight on. This short video will inspire you to fight on and help you to understand why you MUST persevere. 


THE GAP by Ira Glass from Daniel Sax on Vimeo.

Believe In Your Possibilities

Do you have a dream? Is it big enough to hold the amazing gift you have to offer? Do you have a dream? Is it grand enough to make a difference? Do you have a dream? Do you have the fire in your belly to chase it? Say a resounding YES to each question. Get inspired. Believe in your possibilities.

Where Are You Going?

Where are you going? What are you doing with your life? Are you stuck running on a treadmill? It may be time to reinvent yourself. It may be time to reset your expectations for yourself. It may be time to toss your rope around a more powerful, compelling dream. The following short YouTube video encourages us to invent and reinvent ourselves. It may inspire you to leap tall buildings with a single bound. Enjoy. 

Making Dreams Come True

Incorporating these three P’s into our lives will transform dreams into reality: Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance. If we apply these three P’s to our relationships imagine the cumulative effect. If we apply these three P’s to the pursuit of our dreams, we just might catch them. Get inspired by this brief YouTube video.

You Have Extraordinary Strength

You have extraordinary strength. You are simply amazing. Do you realize your incredible strength? Do recognize your courage? Do you know you are capable of achieving dreams no one else has ever accomplished? It’s true. Let Rohan Murphy inspire you with his strength, his courage, and his dreams. He didn’t let his setback keep him back. He fought back. He won. He is today’s inspiration.


It’s Time: Chase Your Dreams

Tomorrow. Mañana. How many times have each of us put off chasing our dreams until tomorrow? A dream is only a dream until we start to chase it. The chase becomes our story. When we begin the chase, we begin to write a story of courage, hope, and resilience. We write the first line of our story . . . “Today, I decided to chase my dream and follow my destiny.” The short animated Vimeo video gives us a chance to become inspired once again and set out chasing our dream, following our destiny.

A Child’s Imagination

A child, filled with imagination, dreams big dreams. Maybe one day, the young boy in this YouTube video will play for the Chicago Cubs, but today in his imagination, he is playing for them and it is real. Free the imagination in your little girl or boy. Let it run wild once again. Let it slay dragons, govern a magic kingdom, discover a new solar system. Set your course, let your inner child guide you.