Today’s Good Word ~ Rain

I live in drought stricken Texas. We need rain. It will come. When it comes to Texas, it will come Texas style. We’ll get nearly a year’s average rainfall in a day or two. When the soaking rain comes, I’ll go out and dance in it. I’ll let it soak me through to the skin.  Rain provides me with the metaphoric feeling of being cleansed of all the things weighing on my mind. 

Today’s Power Thought ~ The Gift

The more we use our gift to benefit others, the more it refills to overflowing. Our gift will never run dry as long as it’s being used to benefit others. 

Something to Think About

The Colorado River in the U.S. west is suffering from an extended drought. The drought extends through the whole southwest. What is happening in the US southwest is mirrored in other parts of our planet. If we don’t take care of our planet, how can our planet take care of us? What kind of legacy will we leave our children and grandchildren if we don’t take care of our earthly home. Protecting the environment is good for everyone. 

Something to Think About

We’re getting rain in south Texas today. The rain is sorely needed. I was tempted to run out in the street and sing and dance. Small things are big things. It’s true in our natural setting like getting rain during a drought period. It’s true with each other when we offer each other small kindnesses throughout the day.

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