A Better Life ~ What We Need to Hear

One of greatest gifts one can offer another is to encourage them that tomorrow will better than today. Life’s struggles and disappointments can get us down. No one is an immune to them. When we’re feeling low and can’t see more than a short way in front of us, we need to hear tvoices that encourage us. You can be that person for someone today. If you’re feeling feeling down, I’m hear to tell you, hang in there, TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER THAN TODAY.

Today’s Power Thought ~ Who Are Your Friends?

Who we hang out with, is who we become. A Bulgarian proverb says, “Tell me who your friends are, so I can tell you who you are.” Choose your friends wisely. Choose friends who inspire you. Choose friends who encourage you. Choose friends who lift you up when you are down. Do the same for them.  

Today’s Poem ~ Encouraged


Paul Laurence Dunbar

Because you love me I have much achieved,
Had you despised me then I must have failed,
But since I knew you trusted and believed,
I could not disappoint you and so prevailed.
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