Poem for Today ~ Sunshine After Cloud

Sunshine After Cloud

Josephine D. Heard

Come, “Will,” let’s be good friends again, 
     Our wrongs let’s be forgetting, 
For words bring only useless pain, 
     So wherefore then be fretting. 

Let’s lay aside imagined wrongs, 
    And ne’er give way to grieving,
Life should be filled with joyous songs, 
    No time left for deceiving. 

I’ll try and not give way to wrath, 
    Nor be so often crying; 
There must some thorns be in our path, 
    Let’s move them now by trying. 

How, like a foolish pair were we, 
    To fume about a letter; 
Time is so precious, you and me; 
    Must spend ours doing better.


Poem for Today


Lewis Grandison Alexander

I return the bitterness,
   Which you gave to me;
When I wanted loveliness
   Tantalant and free.

I return the bitterness
   It is washed by tears;
Now it is a loveliness
   Garnished through the years.

I return it loveliness,
   Having made it so;
For I wore the bitterness
   From it long ago.


Feel Good Tip of the Day ~ We All Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes. It’s part of the human condition. There’s no way we can undo something we’ve already done or said. It’s why forgiveness is so important to every relationship. It’s important for us to forgive; and, equally important to be forgiven. That’s the tough stuff in relationship building. I knew a guy who divorced after 25 years. He claimed that working at a relationship is too hard. I felt sorry for him. Last I knew he lived alone with his dog. It takes courage to work through the messy stuff and forgive. It takes more courage to learn from the events and use the learning to build a better relationship.

Positive Thought for Today ~ It’s the Little Things that Matter

Let the little things slide and your relationship will instantly improve. Be quick to forgive those who love you, you’ll tie the relationship binds tighter.

You’ll soon discover your life overflows with love.

Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Forgiveness Heals

It’s Not Always Easy to Forgive – However, Forgiveness is a Healthy Option for All Parties

Forgive. Harboring a grudge against a family member, co-worker, neighbor, a merchant or manufacturer, friend or someone you casually know doesn’t bode well for your mental health and overall well-being. In fact, it does long-term damage to your psyche. Find it in your heart to forgive, not just those you feel are responsible, but also yourself. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you condone the behavior, however. It does allow that negativity to be released, allowing you to move forward with your life.

NOTE: Each moment we hold on to our pain, hurt, or resentments we injure ourselves again and again. When we forgive the hurt, we release our negative energy and stop re-injuring ourselves. We also provide an opportunity for the person receiving our forgiveness to be healed.

Power Thought of the Day ~ Let Go of the Anger and Hate

Hate brings me to my knees, love gets me on my feet.Andre Agassi

NOTE: It’s a proven fact, anger and hate hurt the person who is angry and hates more than it does the object of their anger and hatred. Why punish one’s self? A better choice is to forgive and move on. The more we allow love to enter our thoughts and life, the happier we are and the happier are those who connect with us.

Optimism Works ~ Forgiveness Leads to Greater Optimism

Learning to forgive improves psychological and physiological wellness and offers protection against future upsets. Forgiveness training also leads individuals to become emotionally stronger, experience greater confidence, and be increasingly optimistic (Luskin, 2003).. . .Also, Luskin (2003) reported that the mental benefits of forgiveness training – including increased optimism, self-confidence, compassion, reduced stress, and spiritual inclinations – were still present six months after training.


There are multiple health and emotional benefits to being able to forgive those who hurt us. One of the benefits is that forgiving leads to a better outlook on life and greater optimism about the future.  The article that I cited in this post provides a good way to look at and practice forgiveness.

Today’s Power Thought ~ Do You Recognize the Precious Gift?

When we begin to think of ourselves as a precious gift just the way we are, our attitude shifts. We cut ourselves some slack. We forgive ourselves. We recognize the good we bring each day to life. We become a better person.

Something to Think About

One cannot rip the past out of his/her life. it’s stuff that happened to us and it’s stored at a cellular level in our memory. The best we can do is to make peace with the past. It’s not always easy to make peace with the past because lots of the characters in our personal drama are no longer in our lives (they’re either dead or no longer live near us). If we can find ways to forgive those who hurt us, we loosen the past’s grip on us. That’s easier said than done. Yet, it has to be done if one is to find peace and eventually happiness. 

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