Quote for Today – December 25, 2017

A little smile, a word of cheer, A bit of love from someone near, A little gift from one held dear, Best wishes for the coming year. These make a merry Christmas! John Greenleaf Whittier


Quote for Today – December 22, 2017

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. – Desmond Tutu

Using Your Gift

Each of us has an amazing gift. Gifts are meant to be given to others for their benefit. When we give the gift of our talent, we touch someone in a special way. We may get no recognition for our gift, yet, the person receiving our gift knows we made his or her day better. Today’s video is the inspirational performance of Andrea Bocelli and Katharine Mcphee singing “The Prayer.” Let their gift of song uplift your spirits.

The Gift & Grace

Life comes at us in strange ways. It often comes at us in unexpected ways we never saw coming. When we recognize the gift life offers in the moment, I call it grace. To accept the gift and be grateful for it, is an ever greater outpouring of grace. Be inspired by this woman’s brief story of her gift. It may change your life.

Life – An Awesome Gift

Sometimes life’s problems weigh us down. Sometimes the struggle to go on may overwhelm us. But through it all, life is a gift, it is a wonderful, amazing, awesome gift. It’s beauty is in those we love and in those who love us. It’s in a blue sky, the winter’s first snow, or spring’s first flower. It surrounds us. It never leave us. Today I will open my eyes and my heart to this wonderful gift of life – I hope you do the same.

You Have A Wonderful Gift

Have you discovered your marvelous gift? Keep searching. It’s there. Keep searching. Once you find it, embrace it, polish it until you and your gift are one. You’ll shine bright. Finding our gift doesn’t come easy. It’s hard work. We may toil for years, but when we discover it, hold on to it, don’t let go, and shine, shine. shine. Whatever your gift is, let it take hold of you and lead you on your journey.


Age Is Only A Number

Age is only a number. Its number does not prevent us from giving the gift of ourselves to others. We are never too young or too old to offer our gift that will brighten someone’s life. Don’t wait until tomorrow, tomorrow may never come. Now is your time. Now is the moment someone is waiting for your gift. The following short Vimeo video shares the gift of a 95-year-old woman and a song she wrote. You can tell by looking at her, she is a woman filled with love.


Grateful For All

A grateful attitude is a pathway to happiness, joy, and love. When I view life through my heart’s lens, I see all life as a gift I have no time for sorrow, no time for envy, no time to crawl inside a personal prison. I jump for joy, for each moment is Christmas – it is all gift. Please enjoy this powerful YouTube video about gratitude.

It Take Two To Tango

The past two days an annoying character made her way into my blog. Who is she? Where did she come from? Why is she here? Should I get a court order to keep her at least four blogs away?

“Well, Ray. You could at least offer a Coke Zero.”

“How did you get in? What are you doing here? I have no intention of going any further with you. Consider this a breakup. It’s over. It’s finished. It’s done.”

“Can’t happen, Ray.  I’ll tell you why before you ask me. It’s Psychology 101. It takes two to tango. It takes two to click coffee mugs.”

“What are you talking about? That is not Psychology 101. It’s nonsense. You are becoming more annoying by the minute.”

“Is too, Psychology 101. Before you raise an objection, let me tell you why.”

“This ought to be good.”

“Thank you. I like high expectations. A car has two headlights. Humans have two eyes. And, more importantly, there are 935 words that begin with tw including two. Case closed.”

“Are you dangerous? Don’t answer that. Besides annoying, I think you’re rude. You may even have a touch of narcissism.”

“Probably true to all the above, Ray. Should I point out your flaws?”

“No. My male ego is sensitive today.”

“It’s why you need your gentle feminine side, Ray. Your conscience won’t let you write me out of your blogs.”

“What I am going to do with you! Quit badgering me.”

“Don’t pick on cute animals.”

“What animals?”


“I must be in Dante’s sixth circle of hell.”

“No, you’re in your study. Are you losing touch with reality? Nod if you are. I know where you can get help.”

“I’m selecting every sentence with you in it and hitting the delete button. That’s what I’m going to do.”

“Lighten up, Ray. Turn up the corners. That’s better. This is what you’re going to do with me, Ray.”

“This ought to be really, really good.”

“You can’t write by yourself. You need a partner. Don’t ask. I accept the position. Tomorrow I’ll tell you my name. You’re going to learn to get along with me. You’re going to accept me as I am and see the wonderful gifts I bring to you.”

Whoever this character is, I think I’m going to listen to her. She makes a lot of sense. Accepting each other as we are, seeing each other’s unique gifts, andlListening without judging are things I’m going to work on straight away.

The Gift

I love my birthday. I love Christmas. I love surprise gifts. I enjoy giving gifts and seeing eyes light up. And, I enjoy receiving them as well – except for the one’s I re-gift. I don’t like to re-gift too often because my memory may trick me and I’ll re-gift to the giver. A wrong re-gift has all the makings of a relationship disaster.

When I give a gift, I think about the person to whom I am giving a gift. I want to make it special. When I can’t think of something special I fall back on a reliable, can’t miss, hit a homerun everytime gift: A Starbucks gift card. It’s only failed me once when I mistakenly gave it to a friend who later told me she only drinks herbal tea. I told her Starbucks sells herbal tea, she gave me a look that said she doesn’t do Starbucks and, “This relationship is over.”

Kids under the age of 12 are pretty easy to please. Once they hit the teens, God help them, and God help me in the gift buying department. If they have an iPhone, I gift an iTunes card. Oh, my backup? A Starbucks card.

Is a Starbucks card the answer to all problems in life? I’ve got to think more about this possibility. Maybe I’ll give myself a Starbucks card. No, I already have the app on my iPhone and collect stars. Here’s a question for you. I collect Starbucks stars, I have lots of them. Are they still stars if the iPhone records them in some form of cryptic code? If they are in cryptic code, are they real stars? I think I’ve had one too many cups of coffee this morning.


I began this blog talking about gifts. Each of us is a gift when we give the gift of ourselves to others. Our gift to others takes on extra meaning when it is received by a grateful heart. The more we give the gift of our self to others, the more we discover our true mystery and destiny.