Today’s Good Word ~ Grounded

I love my 200 year old live oak. It’s branches extend twenty feet. It’s roots are grounded in soil that is no deeper than 5 inches. Storms and winds cannot shake this tree, it is grounded and gains it strength from roots that stretch far before the shade cast by the tree. When we are grounded, we’re not easily swayed by emotions or spur of the moment impulses. We take time to think, reflect, and weigh our actions. When we are grounded we anchor our roots in a set of values tested by time. We cannot be shaken by the storms that buffet us or the gail winds that try to knock us off balance. 

Today’s Good Word ~ Anticipate

When we anticipate we think of the future. We use our imagination to create a mental image of what our future looks like. What if we began anticipating a future where we worked together, shared resources, and inspired each other to do great things? 

Today’s Good Word ~ Life-Giving

What are the life-giving forces that make you feel whole, more human, and more filled with energy? One way to think about it is to reflect on your life and ask, when was it that I felt most alive, most into the moment, most fully engaged? We’ve each had these experiences. When you’ve recalled these experiences, why not create more of them? Why not fuel your life with life-giving energy? You’ll change your life. 

Today’s Good Word ~ Seeking

We usually find what we are looking for. Want to find fault in someone, you’ll find it. Want to find good in someone, you’ll find it. Want to demonize members of the other political party, you’ll find reasons. What are you seeking? What if you began your search by seeking all that was good within you? What will you find? I think you’ll find moments when you were kind, compassionate, and loving. I think you’ll find moments when you were successful, heroic, and an adventurer. C’mon, begin now by seeking all the good within you.

Today’s Good Word ~ Appreciate

When we appreciate another we recognize the best in him/her and affirm what is good about them. The more we appreciate others, the more others begin to recognize their inherent strengths. Appreciation sends a message to another that what you bring to this relationship is meaningful, needed, and critical to its health. Who will you appreciate today? Tell him/her why you appreciate them.

Today’s Good Word ~ Fire Up

Fire up your passion to do something great. You may not win the Nobel Prize, but you may make a difference in one person’s life. Fire up your passion to make today the best day ever. Go all in with your work and relationships. Fire up your enthusiasm for life. Don’t let the news get you down. Life is wonderful, it’s joy-filled, it’s waiting for you to experience it all.

Today’s Good Word ~ Build

Are you a builder? I’m speaking of builders of people. One does not need a construction degree to be a people builder. A people builder helps others to see their strengths. A people builder helps others to realize they are good. A people builder inspires others. A people builder offers a helping hand. A people builder doesn’t shame, belittle, or condemn. A people builder knows that every person has a reservoir of good and unlimited potential. 

Today’s Good Word ~ Starting Line

We all have a starting line. Our starting lines are all different. Some folks get a head start. Some folks start way behind. There’s not much we can do about where we start. We can do a heck of lot about where we finish. It’s what happens between the starting line and finish line that counts. It’s all up to us. The time given to us between the starting line and finish line is precious. Treasure that time. Use it well. You’ll leave a wonderful legacy.

Today’s Good Word ~ Word

In today’s litigious society giving one’s word my seem archaic, yet when one gives his/her word that something will done, it is a sign of trust. When we give our word, act on it, we earn deep levels of trust. When we give our word it create a bind between the giver of the word and the receiver of the word. Giving our word is a commitment to act. Those who follow through on giving their word etch their character in stone.

Today’s Good Word ~ Determination

The amount of determination is directly proportional to the success in achieving goals and capturing dreams. A determined man or woman cannot be defeated or destroyed. He or she will find a way through, over, or around any obstacle..

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