Longevity Tip: 4 of 5 To Go Beyond 90

Tip 4: Keep Alcohol Intake in Check

In this study, . . . those who drank the least seemed to live the longest. Alcohol and longevity is a difficult question to answer.  . . . Some studies that claim moderate alcohol consumption has life-extending properties.  However, other studies claim this research is bogus because they didn’t account for the abstainer bias. . . . The American Institute for cancer research claims that there is no safe level of alcohol that can be consumed.  Even for the heart condition, atrial fibrillation, studies also show that there is no safe level of alcohol. If you chose to drink, my advice would be to look for the minimally effective dose that you need.  If your BMI runs high, minimizing alcohol intake will help you to optimize your weight as alcohol packs a big sugar punch.


Healthy Living: 12th of 12 Best Foods for Healthy Skin


The antioxidants in pomegranate show some promise in warding off several types of cancer — possibly packing a more protective punch than red wine or green tea, according to some research. Scientists say that pomegranate may also inhibit the formation of cancer in skin cells.


Healthy Living: 11th of 12 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Green Tea

The catechins found in green tea are powerful antioxidants that can protect your skin against sun damage and reduce redness as well as improve its hydration, thickness and elasticity.


Healthy Living: 10th of 12 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Dark Chocolate

Cocoa contains antioxidants that may protect your skin against sunburn. These antioxidants may also improve wrinkles, skin thickness, hydration, blood flow and skin texture.


Healthy Living: 9th of 12 Best Foods for Healthy Skin


Soy contains isoflavones, which have been shown to improve wrinkles, collagen, skin elasticity and skin dryness, as well as protect your skin from UV damage.


Healthy Living ~ 6th of 12 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Red or Yellow Bell Peppers

Bell peppers contain plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin C — both of which are important antioxidants for your skin. Vitamin C is also necessary to create collagen, the structural protein that keeps your skin strong.


Healthy Living ~ 5th of 12 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which acts as a natural sunblock and may protect your skin from sun damage.