What If . . .

What if I asked for help when I got stuck on a difficult task? What’s difficult is different for each of us. What is difficult for one is a simple task for another. I have a friend who is a tech geek. I think I’m pretty savvy with technology, yet, when I get stuck, I ask him. He thinks about my problem for a second or two then walks me through a solution. It keeps me humble. Each of us has a strong set of skills. We also have areas where we  need help. When we help each other over the difficult stretches, everything works out for the best.

Today’s Good Word ~ Light & Dark

All of us have a light and dark side. We enjoy seeing only our light side. The light side displays our compassion, kindness, honesty, and love. We shy away from acknowledging our dark side. It’s difficult to admit to the self that we are capable of being selfish, mean, angry, and greedy. When we view our dark side we realize how much we are like everyone we’ve criticized. It is both humbling and liberating. It makes me more accepting of others with the hope they will be more accepting of me. In many ways, once we acknowledge and accept our dark side, our light side becomes brighter. 

👊 Today’s Power Thought ~ A Humble Person

A humble person admits when he or she needs help. A humble person admits he or she doesn’t know. A humble person acknowledges he or she is wrong. When you meet a humble person, you’ve met someone special.

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