Feeling Good Tip for Today ~ What Words Will You Use Today

Words – Words – Words

Words can heal.

Words can inspire,

Words can sh0ow our respect.

Words express our love.

And, words thoughtlessly uttered destroy relationships, degrade, shame, and disrespect.

We all feel better when our words build, heal, and elevate. 

Inspiring Quote of the Day ~ Let Your Dreams Lift You Up

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.”

Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Tune in to Good Music

Is It Time to Tune In?

 As much as you’re able, listen to music. The right music can help you concentrate, find a rhythm for work, and even (when you need it) escape. Source 

NOTE: The right kind of music can lift your spirits, awaken great memories, and inspire you. Choose playlists that energize, motivate, and elevate your spirit. Stay away from music that makes you angry, depresses you, and is degrading.

Optimism Works ~ Optimism Improves a Person’s Ability to Develop Friendships

Optimism improves a person’s ability to develop friendships and supportive relationships because it motivates people to think that other people will like them. Having friends and social supports helps reduce people’s risk for disease, particularly the recurrence of chronic disorders.


Researchers tell us that connecting with others and forming friendships is both physically and emotionally healthy. We all like to be around people who are upbeat, inspire us, and make us feel better. Optimists do that. Think of the difference you’ll make for others and yourself by adopting a more optimistic view. 

Think About It ~ A Good Friend is a Treasure


There are times in life when the road seems unbearably long. These are the times when a good friend helps us to shorten the journey. A good friend helps us over troubled waters. A good friend lifts our spirits and puts a smile on our face. Here’s hoping you have many such friends in your life.

What if I took stock of my friends, what would I discover?

“When you have an ass for a friend, expect nothing but kicks (Indian proverb).” What if I took stock of my friends, what would I discover? Would I discover I have friends I can count on? Would my friends encourage me to go after my dreams? Do my friends hold me back. Do I come away from meeting with friends with a negative feeling? The kinds of friends we have make all the difference in our lives. Choose wisely and be a good friend in return.

A Better Life ~ How Are You Spending Your Energy?

Each morning we have restored supplies of energy to accomplish the work we have to do during the day. Our energy depletes itself as the day wears on. Don’t waste a single minute of energy on things that don’t elevate, inspire, and guide us to worthwhile goals. Is it time to reassess how you are spending your energy?

Today’s Power Thought ~ Who Are Your Friends?

Who we hang out with, is who we become. A Bulgarian proverb says, “Tell me who your friends are, so I can tell you who you are.” Choose your friends wisely. Choose friends who inspire you. Choose friends who encourage you. Choose friends who lift you up when you are down. Do the same for them.  

Something to Think About

There are lots of things I’ll never understand. I’ve learned not to try to understand them, but to try to live with them. It’s not easy. I want to ask why, when I do all I hear is silence.  It’s not meant to be understood by me at this time. Maybe, down the road a ways, I’ll understand. Until then, I have to live the mystery.

What If . . .

What if we choose to read a book instead of watching TV? Think of the possibilities when we choose to read a book. We may choose to read a book that will change our life. We may choose to read a book that will entertain us. We may choose to read a book that will scare us. Or, we may choose to read a book to learn more about a different culture. There are so many options. Our minds will collect new words, thoughts, and ways of seeing. 

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