Health Tip for Today ~ Is This Behavior Putting You at Risk for Heart Disease?

Is Zoom or Texting Leaving You Feeling Isolated or Lonely?

If texting, emailing, social media, or Zoom calls are your primary means of communicating with others and leaving you feeling lonely or isolated — you may be at risk for two problems linked to higher risks for heart disease, heart attack, or stroke, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association in the Journal of the American Heart Association. To combat loneliness and isolation, try to replace some of your electronic back-and-forth with people with in-person meetings. Maybe you can find room in your schedule for a quick walk, cup of coffee, or brief lunch with a friend or colleague.

“Time spent face-to-face helps connect you to others and may make you feel less isolated,” explains Matthew Lee, a sociologist and research associate at Harvard University’s Human Flourishing Program. “Being physically co-present can help you feel more engaged with others, more valued, and more likely to feel a sense of shared identity — all things that may help ease loneliness. This is why some doctors are starting to engage in ‘social prescribing,’ including suggesting that people get involved in volunteering and other activities that build in-person social relationships.”


Feel Good Tip for Today ~ Our Name is Our Identity

I don’t get it. Two people start talking and neither one asks the other his/her name. Our names are our identity. Our name is the tag given to us at birth. When someone says to me, “Hi, Ray, how’s it going?” I know this person is interested in me. One direct and easy way to overcome the loneliness and isolation we face in an increasing digital world is to take the first step and introduce ourselves to others who are in our social sphere. My formula is simple, “I see you often, my name is Ray, what’s yours?” Do it with a smile. You’ll make a new friend. You’ll have broken down a wall. 

Power Thought ~ You’ll Shine

Don’t let the day slip by. Today has the potential of being your best day ever. It’s going to take you to get involved. It’s going to take you to move out of isolation and into contact with others. When you jump into the day with both feet, you’ll shine, better wear your sunglasses. 

A Better Life ~ Is It Time to Connect?

Is it time to broaden your circle of contacts beyond work and friends? What about your neighbors, the folks who life next door or on the same floor? The more we connect with those near us, the more we lose our sense of isolation and develop a sense of connectivity. It’s emotionally and physically healthy to make connections. When we connect we have people to call on when we need a hand. We also have the opportunity to lend a helping hand. From a personal experience as a widower, it has made all the difference for me. I have great neighbors who have my back and I have their back as well. 

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