Think About It ~ There’s Always a Better Way

We are often predisposed to act defensively. When we’re criticized we often act to defend ourselves or deeply bury the resentment. When some service isn’t up to what we expected, we demand satisfaction or our money back. There’s another way to look it. What if we didn’t see the other person or people as out to get us or cheat us? What if we tried to act reasonably to reconcile a situation? I’ve discovered this works more often than not. It doesn’t mean one has to be a pushover, far from it. We can persist in a reasonable and calm way until we reach a satisfactory conclusion. Everything doesn’t have to be a battle. Every critic isn’t evil, if we listen we might learn and grow. Every thing we hear that challenges how we think about things isn’t wrong. If we listen we may gain new insights.

Something to Think About

Four Questions to Answer at the End of Each Day:

  1. What did I learn today?
  2. Who did I love today?
  3. How did I make a difference today?
  4. What was I grateful for today?

These questions provide us with an opportunity to reflect on our day. Each day provides us with opportunities to learn. These opportunities surround us. They come at us through the digital media, friends, and our work. When we love someone each day, we reach out to the other person and leave our ego behind. We become a better human being with each act of love. When we make a difference, small or great, in another’s life, we contribute to building a better society. Opportunities to make difference abound, grab a handful and you’ll be a difference maker. Each day overflows with an abundance of things for which we can express our gratitude: health, family, work, a team’s victory, a good book, good music, you get the idea. Make it a regular practice and you’ll notice a big difference in your being.

Something to Think About

When we go to school we have a prescribed set of knowledge to learn. We’re tested on the knowledge and given a grade. In many ways we really never stop going to school. Each day of life we are given lessons to learn. Sometimes the lessons are hard and we suffer in learning them. Other times, the lessons are easy if we’re willing to listen. The more willing we are to learn life’s lessons when life teaches them to us, the more easily we’re able to navigate our way through life. It takes a willingness to learn and an open mind to see and learn life’s lessons.

A Better Life – Learning is Part of our Human Nature

One of the joys of being human is that we can continue to learn and apply what we’ve learned to life. We can learn from our setbacks to set us up for success. We can learn by asking the right questions and seeking answers to those questions. We can learn by developing a curious nature. We can learn at all times, in all places, and in every circumstance.

Something to Think About

Is today the day you challenge yourself to do something you’ve wanted to do, but keep putting off? Is today the day, you face the challenge determined to take it on? Even if you fail, big deal, the challenge won’t go away, but you’ll come back a bit wiser and stronger. The challenge may be physical like dieting or exercising. It may be intellectual. It may be relational. Whatever the challenge you’ve thought about and set aside, take it on. Face it. Kick its ass. 

Something to Think About

I’ve made my share of mistakes during my lifetime. Some days I think that’s all I’m making. It’s okay, it tells me I’m not perfect and that suits me just fine. I’ve tried to learn from my mistakes, but, at times, I’m a slow learner as I’ll repeat the same mistake until it dawns on me to do something different. Making mistakes is a human thing we all share. Mistakes keep us humble. Mistakes let us know we’re not better than anyone else (perhaps luckier if no one witnesses our mistakes). When we learn from our mistakes we keep our ego in check. We know that each mistake isn’t a setback, it’s a setup to learn even more. 

Something to Think About

If you’re following the crowd do you know where you are going? Does anyone in the crowd know where he/she is going? If you want to know where you’re going, choose your destination, plan your trip, and set out. You may get lost., You may be criticized for not being like others. Big deal. It is your journey. You designed it. You took the chances. You learned more by the ups and downs of your journey than you’d have learned by following the crowd.

Today’s Power Thought ~ Learn the Lessons

Everyone you’ll meet today has had experience. How many have learned the lessons taught by their experiences? Learn from each experience, good or bad, and wisdom will surround you.

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