What If . . .

 What if I thought of self-imposed limitations as fake news or illusions? Most of our limitations are self-imposed. I’ve witnessed double leg amputees running. I’ve seen videos of a one handed baseball pitcher making the major leagues. There are countless examples of people who refused to believe in limitations. They saw them for what they are, fake news, illusions. Is it time to make a list of the self-imposed limitations you’ve placed on yourself? Is it time to discard them and free yourself to fly and reach your full potential?

Today’s Power Thought ~ Where are you Living?

Where are you living? Are you living in your hopes and dreams? Or, are you living in your fears and false limitations? You know where life is soaring and calling you. Shed your fears and false limitations as quickly as a snake sheds its skin. 

A Better Life ~ It’s Time for You to Fly

Feeling stuck? The only limitations you have are the limitations that are self imposed. If you have a good friend or partner to whom you give permission to tell you when you are self-imposing a limitation, you’ll soon be soaring. I think it’s time for you to fly and to fly higher than you’ve ever flown before.

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