Something to Think About

I read a feel good, heart warming story of a dad of 4 who has beaten cancer three times. During his last stay at the hospital he walked a marathon (26.2 miles) inside the hospital while being cheered on by the nurses. He called it a ‘marathon of purpose.’ He said in an interview, “The question isn’t whether we’ll have a challenge or not. The question is how we’re are going to live up to that challenge.” You can read the story here.  We all have challenges. We can use this man’s example of courage in the face of adversity to motivate us to rise above the challenges we face  and claim our victory.

Chase Your Dream – Don’t Quit

A dream is a dream until you and I make a commitment to achieve the dream. The dream may be far off, but each day, with committed effort, we draw closer to the dream. We won’t let discouragement stop us. We won’t let naysayers convince us to quit. We have a dream and the desire to chase it to the end. The following short YouTube video will inspire you to keep chasing the dream. Go For It.

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