Writer’s Wisdom on the Importance of Commas

“Making love to me is amazing. Wait, I meant: making love, to me, is amazing. The absence of two little commas nearly transformed me into a sex god.” ~Dark Jar Tin Zoo


Longevity Tip ~ Sense of Purpose

Purpose. The Okinawans call it Ikigai and the Nicoyans call it plan de vida; for both, it translates to “why I wake up in the morning.” Knowing your sense of purpose is worth up to 7 years of extra life expectancy.


Longevity Tip

A recent study . . . discovered having a sense of purpose, direction and goals may add years to our lives. It doesn’t matter when you discover your purpose (i.e., young, middle-aged, or older) but the sooner the better.  The study looked at 6,100 Americans aged 20 through 75 over a 14 year period.  During that time, about 9% of the subjects died.  All the participants who died scored lower than those who survived on measures of “purposefulness.”  Even when other variables, such as a having a positive outlook, were controlled for, the data stood up.


Existence ~ Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


You are here, and you are wanted,
Though a waif upon life’s stair;
Though the sunlit hours are haunted
With the shadowy shapes of care.
Still the Great One, the All-Seeing
Called your spirit into being—
Gave you strength for any fate.
Since your life by Him was needed,
All your ways by Him are heeded—
You can trust and you can wait.

You can wait to know the meaning
Of the troubles sent your soul;
Of the chasms intervening
’Twixt your purpose and your goal;
Of the sorrows and the trials,
Of the silence and denials,
Ofttimes answering to your pleas;
Of the stinted sweets of pleasure,
And of pain’s too generous measure—
You can wait the why of these. 

Forth from planet unto planet,
You have gone, and you will go.
Space is vast, but we must span it;
For life’s purpose is to know.
Earth retains you but a minute,
Make the best of what lies in it;
Light the pathway where you are.
There is nothing worth the doing
That will leave regret or rueing,
As you speed from star to star.

You are part of the Beginning,
You are parcel of To-day.
When He set His world to spinning
You were flung upon your way.
When the system falls to pieces,
When this pulsing epoch ceases,
When the is becomes the was,
You will live, for you will enter
In the great Creative Centre,
In the All-Enduring Cause.”

Excerpt From
Poems of Progress and New Thought Pastels
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Something to Think About

Our conduct should show that we are on this earth to play a magnificent part in life’s drama, to make a splendid contribution to humanity.

Orison Swett Marden


You are important! You have a wonderful gift to offer this world. What is it?

Are you still searching for it?

In quiet and stillness you will know and once you know let nothing distract you from cultivating it and sharing it with others.