A Better Life ~ You Are Made for the Moment

No mountain is too high for  you. No road too rugged for you. No odds too tough for you to overcome. No matter the stuggles of your journey, you are made for the moment. Believe it!

Something to Think About

I am here in this space working on a blog post at this moment. It is the medium I am using to create the kind of moment I desire. When we view each moment as an opportunity for creating the meaning to our lives, every moment takes on special meaning. Each moment is unique. A moment may be spent with a significant other. Another moment with children, another moment with colleagues. There are an infinite number ways we may experience a moment. Within each of the moments we experience we have the capacity to create the quality of that moment. What are you creating with your moments?

Today’s Good Word ~ Whole

Don’t let one bad moment obliterate the whole day. Let the moment go and embrace the wholeness of the good things the day holds for you. When we stare at the dark moment, we lose sight of the totality of our potential experience. If one counted the good things that happened during a day and the negative moments, the ratio would be 100 to 1 in favor of the good things. Look at the whole picture not a tiny moment. You’re going to have a great day.

Something to Think About

Do you get depressed easily? Does life get you down? It happens at times to all of us. When we reframe our thinking and understand that each moment is a new beginning, we can let go of our depression or the sense of feeling down. We can open the door and walk into the sunshine. Bring on the next moment, It’s going to be better.

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