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Your Heart’s Voice

What is call within your heart? Is it softly speaking to you? Is it shouting? There is a call in each of our hearts sending us on a unique mission to make our world a better place. Listen to your heart’s call, act on it, and you will astound yourself and others with what you are able to accomplish. Lewis Pugh’s deep call is to make us aware of the effects of climate change on our planet. In this YouTube video, Mr. Pugh swims in below freezing water as he becomes the first person to swim across the North Pole. It is his unique call and response that raises attention to climate change.

You Have Extraordinary Strength

You have extraordinary strength. You are simply amazing. Do you realize your incredible strength? Do recognize your courage? Do you know you are capable of achieving dreams no one else has ever accomplished? It’s true. Let Rohan Murphy inspire you with his strength, his courage, and his dreams. He didn’t let his setback keep him back. He fought back. He won. He is today’s inspiration.


The Heart of a Champion

Within you is a heart of a champion. Your heart is waiting for you to set the spark to light its fire. What kind of champion will you be? If you try, try, and try again in the face of resistance, failure, and ridicule you’ll have proved yourself worthy. More than fame and fortune, a heart afire and refusing to quit is the mark of a true champion. You have that kind of heart.