Something to Think About

The voices of doom were in fine voice this morning as I read the news. They spoke of inflation, recession, evil people winning elections, fires, floods, and melting glaciers. They were forecasting a future ¬†even worse than their news. They bore me. I see a different world. I see people helping each other. I see tough times making us stronger and good times ahead. I have an optimistic faith in a democracy figuring it out and things working out. I’m not going to hide in a closet. I going to choose to enjoy life. I’ll let the naysayers sing their dirges. I prefer to sing and dance.

A Better Life ~ It’s Your Moment

Is it time for you to be excited about who you are and what you bring to the world? Throw off the doubts. Let go of all the limits you’ve placed on yourself. Turn a deaf ear to the naysayers. It’s your moment.¬†

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