Kindness Works ~ Be Kind to Yourself

Being Kind to Yourself is Good for You

It is not just how you treat other people — it is how you extend those same behaviors and intentions to yourself as well. I believe you can be kinder in your own self-talk and practice gratitude. People are good at verbally beating themselves up, and rarely does that work as a pep talk. Rather, negativity often causes you to unravel and may even create a vicious cycle of regularly getting down on yourself. You wouldn’t talk to your neighbor the way you sometimes talk to yourself. This is what I call the “good neighbor policy,” which can be helpful. If you would not say it to your good neighbor, do not say it about yourself.


What if I saw things more clearly?

What if I saw things more clearly? I have excellent vision. I don’t wear glasses, but I don’t see things as clearly as I should. I can clearly read a printed page, but am I aware of how another person feels or what another person is experiencing when I am in that person’s company? Being aware requires a different type of sight. It is heart-sight. Heart-sight sees what the eyes don’t recognize. Heart-sight sees pain, sorrow, and the need for human kindness. I have a neighbor who has 20./20 heart-sight vision. She sees what other neighbors don’t see. She is a blessing to the neighborhood.

Think About It

Reach out and make a friend today. How hard is that? It’s time to break the silos we’ve built around ourselves and fortified with our digital platforms. The digital platforms give us an illusion we’re connected or important (think of those who think being an influencer is important – it’s short lived and transitory). Reach out and make it real by connecting with another whether it’s a colleague, neighbor, or family member. C’mon, you just may enjoy getting to know someone more deeply than just saying, hello.

A Better Life ~ Moving On

A good friend is moving out of the neighborhood to move closer to family nearly 1200 miles away. She was a good neighbor and friend. We’ll all miss her and wish her well. We’ll have good memories of her time here. Now, the goal is to welcome our new neighbors into her home. I’m looking forward making new friends. Life goes on and we all have to move on.

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