Health Hack: Fill My Cup To The Brim & Let It Overflow

Did You Know Optimists Live longer?

According to a study from Duke University Medical Center, heart patients who were more optimistic about their treatment, actually lived longer than those who were more pessimistic in their mindsets. Also, according to findings of a study published in the European Heart Journal, people who are optimistic have less chance of suffering from heart disease.


Today’s Reflection ~ Good Things are Coming Your Way

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you. ~ Walt Whitman

Pretty Good World ~ Frank Stanton

Pretty good world if you take it all round—

    Pretty good world, good people!

  Better be on than under the ground—

    Pretty good world, good people!

  Better be here where the skies are as blue

    As the eyes of your sweetheart a-smilin’ at you—

  Better than lyin’ ‘neath daisies and dew—

    Pretty good world, good people!

  Pretty good world with its hopes and its fears—

    Pretty good world, good people!

  Sun twinkles bright through the rain of its tears—

    Pretty good world, good people!

  Better be here, in the pathway you know—

    Where the thorn’s in the garden where sweet roses grow,

  Than to rest where you feel not the fall o’ the snow—

    Pretty good world, good people!”

“Pretty good world! Let us sing it that way—

    Pretty good world, good people!

  Make up your mind that you’re in it to stay—

    At least for a season, good people!

  Pretty good world, with its dark and its bright—

    Pretty good world, with its love and its light;

  Sing it that way till you whisper, “Good-night!”—

    Pretty good world, good people!

Frank L. Stanton

Are You in Earnest? ~ Goethe

Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute

What you can do, or dream you can; begin it;

Boldness has genius, power magic in it.

Only engage, and then the mind grows heated;

Begin and then the work will be completed.


Something Sings ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let me go where’er I will,

I hear a sky-born music still:

It sounds from all things old,

It sounds from all things young,

From all that’s fair, from all that’s foul,

Peals out a cheerful song.

It is not only in the rose,

It is not only in the bird,

Not only where the rainbow glows,

Nor in the song of woman heard,

But in the darkest, meanest things

There alway, alway something sings.

‘Tis not in the high stars alone,

Nor in the cup of budding flowers,

Nor in the redbreast’s mellow tone,

Nor in the bow that smiles in showers,

But in the mud and scum of things

There alway, alway something sings.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Longevity Tip ~ Shed Negativity

Carrying around negativity can actually threaten your health and encourage the aging process. Think about instances when you were really stressed and upset – did you experience any physical symptoms? Research suggests that there’s a direct link between negative thinking patterns and the development of health complications. Do not harbor feelings of hostility and anger, as multiple studies have linked these factors to an increased risk of dementia, heart disease, and stroke.