Vinnie Returns Wednesday ~ 2/20

Vinnie Becomes Bored and Decides to Entertain Himself – His Poor Mom. LOL


Vinnie Returns Wednesday 2/20

Vinnie Challenges His Dad to Eat the 72 Ounce Steak at The Big Steak House in Amarillo. Good Luck Vinnie, your mom is a vegetarian. LOL

Vinnie Returns in 7 Days

Vinnie Tells His Dad that Looking at iPhone While He’s Driving is Against the Law. LOL

Vinnie Returns in 8 Days

Vinnie’s Mom Believes Life Would Be Simpler If Google Could Answer Vinnie’s Questions LOL

Vinnie Returns in 11 Days

Do Vinnie’s Parents Really Want to Leave the Dog at Home? Vinnie has different ideas. The Road Trip Begins in 11 Days LOL