Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Better Relationships From Better Questions

At the end of a long day, we tend to mentally check out of our lives and, consequently, our relationship. We rely on the standard question, “How was your day?” But because we hear that question so often, many of us will reflexively just respond with the bare minimum: “Fine. How was yours?” This does nothing to improve your connection and can actually damage it because you’re losing the opportunity to regularly connect in a small way.

If your initial “How was your day?” doesn’t spark much conversation, try asking more creative follow-up questions: “What made you smile today?” or “What was the most challenging part of your day?” You’ll be amazed at the answers you’ll get, with the added benefit of gaining greater insight into your significant other.


Note: Other questions to ask is: What was something great that happened to you today. What made it feel great?

Think About It? ~ A Time for Reflection

Take some time to reflect on 2022, what will you find?

Here’s some questions to guide you:

    1. What are all the good experiences I had?
    2. What are the successes I had?
    3. What are the good surprises I had I hadn’t expected? 
    4. What are biggest lessons I learned from this year?
    5. What am I looking forward to in 2023?

Think About It ~ Who, What, When, Where, and How Ask Question

Who, what, when, where, and how are all question words. These are the worlds that hold the key to open the door to our dreams. Dreams we may at a deep level feel is impossible. The right key inserted into the door lock opens the door and the impossible suddenly becomes possible. What we believed was denied to us is now within our grasp. We can discover the right key when we ask the right question. It is our questions that open the door and make the impossible possible. We can ask, for example, what am I doing that is holding me back? What can I do right now that will lead me toward my dream? You get the idea. Take time to form the right questions and the right answers will appear.

Today’s Power Thought ~ Three Questions

Three questions: What do you want? How bad do you want it? If you get it, will it be worth the price? We can make a long list to answer the first question. The second question is a filter. The third question asks us to examine the value of what we want. There are some things that may not be on your list until you suddenly realize you need them, for example, good health, love, and peace. Don’t wait too long to begin paying the price for something that will make a big difference in your life.

Today’s Power Tip ~ What Are You Not Seeing?

I can ask, ‘what am I seeing?” I can make judgements based on the answers to this question. Perhaps a more important question is, “What am I not seeing? The answers to this question may be the most important that one finds. 

A Better Life ~ Open Minds Keep Learning

We can’t learn what we think we already know. Closed minds stop learning. They fight to hold fast to the erroneous ways they view reality. Open minds ask questions, are curious, and seek deeper understanding.

Today’s Power Thought ~ Where Are Your Questions Leading You?

What questions are you asking? Where are they leading you? Do you dare take the journey to discover the answers?

Today’s Good Word ~ Answers

When I find myself near someone who has all the answers, I run like hell in the opposite direction. What if there were no answers and only deeper questions where probing the questions lead to deeper understanding and more questions?  Curious minds are not looking for answers as much as they are trying to identify the right questions. 

Something to Think About

It is better to have questions than to have answers. Questions lead us to greater understanding. Questions open up new pathways of thinking. Questions challenge existing answers. Questions lead to deeper understanding of what is true and what is false. Question everything and put it to the test.

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