Feel Good Tip ~ Don’t Rent Space in Your Brain to Folks Who Shouldn’t Be There

I enjoy reading fiction. I take my iPad to the gym to read the ebooks I check out of the library. Before I know it, I’ve completed an hour on the elliptical machine. I read mysteries and thrillers. When the book gets really exciting I’m moving my legs fast enough to wear out the machine (not really). In today’s read, one of the characters says, “Don’t rent space in your brain to a bleep (you can guess at the bleep word). I thought that makes a lot of sense. Don’t let the negative folks have any space in your mind.

Feel Good Tip of the Day ~ What Book Have You Read Recently?

I love to read. I read a book a week, almost always fiction. I get my books from my local library. Early on as a child the library was like a second home to me. The library has changed with the times since I was a child; however, my enjoyment of going to the library remains high. It is a peaceful place to work on my laptop. There are treasures to be found in authors I haven’t read. Today’s library is filled with online resources not readily available to most people. And, you meet interesting people. Check out your library, there’s a treasure waiting for you.

What If . . .

What if today I chose to do something totally different that what I normally do, what would it be like? I might not watch TV tonight. Yikes, what will I do with all that time? Would I slide into staring at my handheld phone, watching videos on my iPad, or going on social media? Can’t do that, it’s just substituting one drug for the another drug. I could go for a walk. I could read a book. I could handwrite a journal entry. I could bake healthy muffins and even eat one as soon as they come out of the oven. I might even sketch a design for landscaping my yard. ¬†There are plenty of alternatives.

What If . . .

What if we choose to read a book instead of watching TV? Think of the possibilities when we choose to read a book. We may choose to read a book that will change our life. We may choose to read a book that will entertain us. We may choose to read a book that will scare us. Or, we may choose to read a book to learn more about a different culture. There are so many options. Our minds will collect new words, thoughts, and ways of seeing. 

Something to Think About

Have you read a good book lately? I’m in the middle of a page turner. I’ll be disappointed when it ends. I’m hoping it has a good ending. There have been enough ups and downs, twists and turns to keep my mind racing after I set my book down. A good book does so much more for me than a film. A good book requires me to use my imagination and see what is happening from my reference point. Enjoy some quiet time with a good book. Here’s hoping you choose a page turner.

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