Inspiring Quote for Today ~ Reasons to Go On

“For each thorn, there’s a rosebud… For each twilight – a dawn… For each trial – the strength to carry on, For each storm cloud – a rainbow… For each shadow – the sun… For each parting – sweet memories when sorrow is done.”

Poem of the Day ~ The Miracle

The Miracle

Fenton Johnson

Though I was dwelling in a prison house, 
My soul was wandering by the carefree stream
Through fields of green with gold eyed daisies strewn, 
And daffodils and sunflower cavaliers. 
And near me played a little browneyed child, 
A winsome creature God alone conceived, 
“Oh, little friend,” I begged. “Give me a flower
That I might bear it to my lonely cell.” 
He plucked a dandelion, an ugly bloom, 
But tenderly he placed it in my hand, 
And in his eyes I saw the sign of love. 
‘Twas then the dandelion became a rose. 


Poem of the Day ~ Ask Me Why I Love You

Ask Me Why I Love You

Walter Everette Hawkins

Ask me why I love you, dear, 
    And I will ask the rose 
Why it loves the dews of Spring 
     At the Winter’s close; 
Why the blossoms’ nectared sweets 
     Loved by questing bee,—
I will gladly answer you, 
     If they answer me. 

Ask me why I love you, dear, 
    And I will ask the flower
Why it loves the Summer sun, 
    Or the Summer shower; 
I will ask the lover’s heart
     Why it loves the moon, 
Or the star-besprinkled skies
     In a night in June. 

Ask me why I love you, dear, 
    I will ask the vine 
Why its tendrils trustingly 
    Round the oak entwine; 
Why you love the mignonette
    Better than the rue,—
If you will but answer me, 
    I will answer you. 

Ask me why I love you, dear, 
    Let the lark reply, 
Why his heart is full of song
   When the twilight’s nigh; 
Why the lover heaves a sigh
    When her heart is true; 
If you will but answer me,
    I will answer you. 


Today’s Poem ~ The Beauty of a Rose

The Beauty of a Rose

Sri Chinmoy

No more brooding,

No more despondency.

Your life shall become

The beauty of a rose,

The song of the dawn,

The dance of twilight.

If I can always have

A childlike confidence,

Then my Lord Supreme

Will without fail, become

My sleeplessly self – sacrificing Friend.

You have given freedom to your mind.

Therefore, your mind causes worries for you

About the future.

Why do you not give freedom to your heart?

Your heart will definitely prepare you

For the future.

If we feel secure

In the depths of our heart,

We shall not challenge anybody,

For inner confidence

Is nothing short of

Complete satisfaction.


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