Healthy Living ~ 5 Reasons to Create A Peaceful Place

Still the mind – Settle in a peaceful space


  1. Nothing sounds fun anymore.
  2. You’re always angry.
  3. You feel overwhelmed by little things.
  4. You can’t sit still.
  5. You can’t seem to focus on what’s important.

Creating a peaceful place may be a way to quiet feelings of anxiety and regain a sense of calm. A peaceful place can be a room, deck, yard, place of worship, anyplace to silence the noise and flow of information for a little while. Thirty minutes works wonders.

Do You Mind If I Stand Next To You?

“What are you doing, Ray?”

“I’m standing in the middle of my backyard, hoping to find a quiet space. Get the hint.”

“Do you mind if I stand next to you?”

“Yes, this is my space. Don’t confuse that comment with any old social network application.”

P or B or C points, “Ray, your space is there. My space is here. You can’t have two spaces at the same time. It’s a law of spaceography.”

“I don’t think there is such a word as spaceography. Okay, stand there, be quiet and let me settle my mind.”

“Is so a word, language evolves every day. Is your mind unsettled? Did you try Tums?”

“That’s for an unsettled stomach, not an unsettled mind. If you don’t mind, quiet please while I do my mantra and breath deeply.”

“What mantra are you using? If I like it, I’ll use it too. Why did you step away from me?”

“I need more space.”

“I liked your original space better than my original space; since you’re not in your original space, I’ll claim it. See, I’m next to you again. Okay, give up the mantra.”

“No, I will not give up the mantra. And, please leave my original space.”

“I think closeness will help us bond. What do you think?”

“I don’t want to bond. I also don’t think I’ll find peace in my backyard.”

“That’s what I was thinking. I heard you go can get a good piece of chicken at Bub’s Barbeque.”

“I want peace not piece.”

“You’re unsettling my mind, Ray. Do you have any Tums?”

We all need to find a sacred space. We need a place where we can go and allow our minds to clear, bodies to settle into their natural rhythm. And, for me, a place to pray and be silent. I have such a space in my backyard. If I miss going to it for several days, I feel it. I hope you created a personal sacred space.



Life Grabs Hold Of Me

“Those who are wise won’t be busy, and those who are too busy can’t be wise.” ~ Lin Yutang

Life has a way of grabbing hold of me, tossing me in the air, and daring me to land on my feet. I get out of bed, filled with great intentions and goals for the day, then boom, life literally knocks at the door. A neighbor stops by and asks to borrow lawn chairs. I didn’t have time to save my work on the computer, I silently pray there will be no power surge or my Mac decides to freeze. I help my neighbor carry the chairs to his garage. I get back on task, the cell rings.  I see by the caller ID I need to take the call. I hit command s, save my work. I take the call. A friend says, “Can we have coffee in an hour, I need some advice? I push my morning workout to the afternoon. Coffee with my friend takes an hour and a half. I get home in time to make a light lunch. I want my workout. I offer a silent prayer, “Please God, no more interruptions.” Sometimes, I think the angels must laugh and laugh at me. A daughter calls and wants to FaceTime. What’s a dad to do? I happily FaceTime. After our call, I check the time, I can squeeze in a workout. I hurry to Y. Do I hear the angels laughing again? I hit three school zones with the orange lights flashing. I get to the Y.  I hit it hard. On the way out, Jerry, an eighty-something-year-old man calls me over and starts talking. I’ve heard these stories before. I see he needs to talk. I listen as if they are the first time I’ve heard them. This is becoming my typical day.

In the early evening, I sit on the patio and gaze into the sacred space Babe and I created. It is time to pray. I quiet my mind. In a moment of grace, I realize I accomplished none of what I wanted to accomplish, but everything I had to accomplish. Sometimes, you have to let the wind fill your sails and take you where it wants to take you.

I helped a neighbor.

I had coffee with and listened to a friend.

I FaceTimed with my daughters.

I drove safely through the school zones.

I thank God for the grace of letting my business go and embracing His business.