Today’s Power Thought ~ There’s Enough for Everyone

If you’re strong, stand up for those who are weak. If you have more than enough, share some with those do not have enough. If you have a gift, share it with the world and watch it grow,

A Better Life ~ Sharing

When my 5 daughters were young we had house rule, ‘share and share alike.’ We wanted to teach the girls that everyone deserves an equal piece of the pie or whatever was available. I still follow the rule. Sharing is a way bringing us closer. I’ve found there’s always enough to go around. Sharing is a form of love in action. 

Today’s Good Word ~ Share

When my five dollars were young we had a saying, ‘share and share were alike.’ Whatever it was, it was shared. No one ever felt left out. No one ever felt slighted. When we share with others we not only give them something of material value, we give them something of ourselves. When we share, we open the door to our generosity. We discover we always have enough.

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