A Better Life ~ Put Your Shine On

Grab the buffing rag and the can of polish. It’s time to put a shine on. C’mon, you can do it. Think about it for a moment. You’re alive. You’re reading this post. You’ve got an open road in front of you. Your best days are in front of you. Grumpy folks are not allowed to board this train. Bring your shine.

What If . . .

What if I could make everyone I meet today happy? That’s not going to happen. Happiness is an inside job. It’s up to me to find my happiness. The best I can do for others I meet is to share my portion of sunshine. I hope it’s enough to cause them to flip their happiness switch. In the end, it’s up them to flip the switch. As for me, I’ll sing, dance, and smile throughout my day. Bring your shine.

Something to Think About

I know a person who sends dog memes to friends who have dogs. She likes to brighten her friends’ days and make them smile or have a chuckle. It only takes her a minute or two and she has made a difference in someone else’s life. It doesn’t take much to brighten another’s day. Whose day are you going to brighten today. You’ll make a big difference and put a shine on their face.

A Better Life ~ Today is a Gift

Did you realize there’s a great big gift waiting for you? It’s today. Yes, it’s today with all its flourishes, nuances, and chaos. Today is just not another day. Today is the day you are meant to shine. You’ll sparkle like a rare diamond. Take each day as a gift and embrace it. We’re fortunate to have it.

A Better Life ~ Shine On!

Good morning, Sunshine. C’mon, show me your smile. That’s it, make your smile grow from ear to ear. Put some upbeat music on, the kind that makes you want to dance and sign along. Go ahead and spread your arms out wide and give a hearty, heart-felt thank you for this day. You are going to light it and nothing, no nothing can stop you.

Power Thought ~ You’ll Shine

Don’t let the day slip by. Today has the potential of being your best day ever. It’s going to take you to get involved. It’s going to take you to move out of isolation and into contact with others. When you jump into the day with both feet, you’ll shine, better wear your sunglasses. 

Today’s Good Word ~ Shine

Think of a late winter’s day where the sky is a bright blue and the sun shines brightly on your back. I can recall many a such day and the sun’s warmth warmed away the winter’s chill giving me hope of a coming spring. That’s what happens to other people when we shine in their presence. How do we shine? It starts with a warm smile followed by a kind word and perhaps a handshake or hug. That’s the kind of stuff you can’t buy online or in a store. It comes from your heart as a free gift to all who pass your way. When you shine, you’ll feel better and you’ll make everyone who comes your way feeling better. Shine on.

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