What If . . .

What if I cut those close to me some slack and not rush to judgement? Would my relationship with them improve? I think it would improve by leaps and bounds. We don’t know everything that is going on in someone’s else’s life, all we catch are small snippets, never enough to make a judgement. We all need to be cut some slack. It’s hard being perfect (LOL). 

Today’s Good Word ~ Weather

The weather in south Texas changed. Thunderstorms and heavy rains rolled through. Wherever I’ve traveled in the U.S. folks like to say, “hang around, the weather will change.” That’s also true of us and those we know. We never know from one minute to the next what will trigger a laugh, angry outburst, tears, or sense of profound happiness. It’s best to cut each other some slack, our emotional weather changes and changes frequently. 

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