Covid – 19 Life Hack ~ Adding Layers of Protection to Your Cloth Face Mask

Do You Wear a Cloth Face Mask?

I wear a cloth face mask when I am not able to social distance or going to a public place like a supermarket, gym, etc. I was thinking, what if I add an additional layer of protection to my face mask? Check out the Covid – 19 Life Hack below.

Here’s A Covid – 19 life hack:

I take a paper towel (I use select a size). I fold the paper towel until it fits inside my cloth face mask. I now have (counting paper towel folds) three layers of cloth and four layers of paper towel.  Boom, added protection when I can’t social distance. 

Do you have a Covid – 19 life hack? Want to share it? Email it to me at I’ll post it (and attribute it to you, using your preferred attribution).

Stay Healthy

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