Too Tough, Too Stubborn To Quit

Setbacks happen. Failure happens. Each time they happen let’s say thank you for what we learned and for the courage we had not to give up. That’s right, say thank you for the lesson learned. We won’t repeat the same mistake, we’re stronger, tougher, smarter, and we won’t quit. We’re too tough, too ornery, too stubborn to quit. Get inspired to fight on with this brief YouTube video.


You Are Good

It’s not who others think you are. It’s not what others think you should be. It’s not what others think of you. it’s what you think about your self. See the best in yourself. See a human being worthy of giving love and being loved. The following YouTube video will make you think about these questions.

You Have Extraordinary Strength

You have extraordinary strength. You are simply amazing. Do you realize your incredible strength? Do recognize your courage? Do you know you are capable of achieving dreams no one else has ever accomplished? It’s true. Let Rohan Murphy inspire you with his strength, his courage, and his dreams. He didn’t let his setback keep him back. He fought back. He won. He is today’s inspiration.


Courage Comes In All Sizes

We humans are an amazing species! When we refuse to quit; when we don’t return the RSVP to the pity party; when we dig down deep grabbing hold of handful of determination, courage, and desire. nothing will stop us. Are you stuck? Running in place? Feeling sorry for yourself because things are not going your way? A young woman, Jessica, without any arms, learned to fly a plane and lives a full, meaning-filled life. Go Jessica, you are a wonderful example for us.


Life Is Tough – But You’re Tougher!

Years ago, I began reading a book by M. Scott Peck and the first sentence was, “Life is difficult.” I called to Babe (my wife) and hollered, “This guy knows what he’s talking about.” Yes, life is tough. We each have moments. The tough times can knock us down. They can knock the wind out of us. They can leave us for dead. But, you and I are strong. We get up again and again. We don’t quit. The following Vimeo video provides a great pep talk on getting up and not quitting for any reason.

Life Gives Us A Chance

We can’t all be Olympian Michael Phelps. We can use Michael Phelps’ commitment to preparing for the Olympics to make a difference in life. Life gives us a chance. What we do with the chance is up to us. Perhaps fame and fortune will knock at our door. Perhaps we will toil in obscurity. It makes no difference. Bring a firm commitment to making the most of your precious gift of life. Use your wonderful gift to give joy to our world.


Don’t Dare Quit

Giving up is easy. It throws away hope. It doesn’t give the heart a chance to rise to the occasion. Be stouthearted. Be courageous. Be strong. Perhaps only you will know what you had to endure. Perhaps only you will know how many times you wanted to quit, but a voice deep inside screamed, “Don’t quit. Don’t you dare to quit.” The following YouTube video is a short trailer for Ernest Shackleton’s Antartica Odessey. Get inspired. Don’t Quit.


Give It Your Best

Challenges surround us, problems overwhelm us. At times we may wonder if they’ll ever end; if we’ll ever have the strength, wisdom, and courage to overcome them. The answer is YES. A resounding YES. Things may not turn out the way we want, but if we give it our best and let our Creator do the rest, something good will come from our actions. Never quit. Never give up. Give it your best.


Life Is Difficult – Shake It Off

M. Scott Peck wrote, “Life is difficult.” At times, one might wish life were only difficult with the burdens it places upon us. It often feels much worse. No one is immune from life’s challenges. When life’s challenges shake us to the core, our DNA waits for the green light to push the resilience button. The bounce back button. The shake it off, get up, and get going button. The following YouTube video will inspire you to push your resilience button.

Are You Ready To Soar?

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” ~John Wooden

“A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.” –  Harry Truman

Are you ready for today?

Give me my cup of coffee, a hot shower, a time to give thanks to a loving God I have a new day and a new chance. I am ready. I am so ready for a great day. I ask myself:

Am I ready to go all in and give it my best every moment?

Am I ready to believe good things will come my way today?

Am I tougher than my challenges?

Am I ready to love everyone who comes my way today?

Am I ready to leave a positive imprint on every place I travel and on everyone I meet?

Am I ready to see, perhaps for the first time, all the blessings that surround me and to give thanks for them?

Am I ready? I am. Are you ready? Together we will leave it all on the table. We will give it our best each moment. We will make today better than yesterday. We will positively touch the lives of all whom we meet today.

Words to think about

  • Optimism
  • Fervour
  • Zeal
  • Passion
  • Vitality
  • Strength
  • Persistence
  • Effort
  • Soar