Thinking Out Loud ~ Getting Outside is Good for the Spirit

Let the Sun Shine

Thoreau writes in “Walking,” “I, who cannot stay in my chamber for a single day without acquiring some rust, and when sometimes I have stolen forth for a walk at the eleventh hour or four o’clock in the afternoon, too late to redeem the day, when the shades of night were already beginning to be mingled with the daylight, have felt as if I had committed some sin to be atoned for.” Pg. 736

Walking is available online and under the Harvard Classics.

NOTE: When I read this passage I felt that Thoreau was speaking of me. I’ve always been an early riser. Once I wake, the sooner i get out of the house the happier I am. It may be one reason I moved to South Texas. I love the sunshine. If I go two or three days without sunshine I begin to get antsy. I recall extended periods of cloudiness when I lived in a northern climate and my joy when the sun returned. There is something to getting outside and letting one’s feet touch the earth and one’s eyes seeing the beauty that has always surrounded us.

Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Tweak the Day for a Great Day

Sun yourself in the morning. Sunshine helps wake you up, nourishes your body, and improves your mood. While too much sun can damage your skin, too little sun can cause vitamin deficiency and illness. Put on some sunscreen if you are a fair-skinned and head outside in the morning.[1]

  • Take a brisk walk.
  • Eat breakfast outside if the weather permits.
  • Get out of the sun if you feel dehydrated, dizzy, or disoriented.
  • If you are prone to sunburns, stay out of the sun from 10am-3pm, when the sun is strongest.


NOTE: We easily fall into habits. Most of our habits help us to navigate the day. Our habits, however, can get us stuck in a rut. Think about how you start your day. Same old, same old, right? What if you got up 15 minutes earlier and went for a brisk walk? The slight change in a habitual routine may make your day a great one.

Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Shine on & Shine Brightly

Make your morning great. Wake up to something that makes you happy and the rest of the day will follow suit.  When you wake up, try to spend a few minutes looking outside of your bedroom window.  Having a connection with nature, or starting your day in a self-affirming way, are very important to having a bright and positive outlook.” Source

NOTE: It almost sounds too good to be true. It is. The attitude we take to the day is the attitude that will guide our thoughts and actions throughout the day. Why choose to be a hot burning coal when you can be the sunshine? One will drag you and all around you down. The other will lift you and all near you up. Shine On!!

Photo of the Day ~ It’s A Great Day to be Alive

It’s a Great Day to be Alive

Smile a Joyful Smile

Let Life Shine on You










Photo Source

Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Bring on the Sunshine

“If you’re looking to improve your mood fast, walking outside is one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so. Exposure to the sun boosts serotonin production, which explains why some sufferers of depression notice a worsening of symptoms during the winter months. Less time spent out in the sun can lead to a drop in serotonin, resulting in depressed mood, anxiety, and low energy. . . . Spending a few moments in the sun during peak hours relieves stress and reenergizes the body and mind. Time outdoors will be all the more beneficial if you can sneak in a short walk, ideally somewhere close to nature.” Source


NOTE: I live in south Texas where we get lots of sunshine. When it’s cloudy for several days in a row I can sense a great change in the mood of the folks around me. When the sun returns everyone seems happier. I like the feel of sun on my shoulders when I walk. Sunshine has a therapeutic action on humans. It’s best to keep our sun exposure in moderation, but try to enjoy a few minutes every day in the sunshine, you’ll feel better.

Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Where Are You Eating Lunch Today?

Get Out in the Sunshine for Lunch. You’ll be Happier

Getting outside in the sun was key to staving off misery — people who ate in parks had a more positive attitude about their jobs than those who chowed down at a restaurant or at home. Eating lunch at your desk can be a real downer, report scientists from the University of Sussex who measured the happiness of employees after they ate lunch in different locations.  The results showed that workers were happiest about their work when they ate lunch on the beach and least happy about work when they ate at their desk.


Feeling Good ~ Simple But True – Get Outside Enjoy the Sunshine

Ditch the Technology and Get Outside and Sing in the Sunshine


Step outdoors for a few minutes to pull some weeds, sit in the sunshine, or just get some fresh air. Research shows that time outside can give you more energy, a better memory, and less anxiety. Even if you’re in a city, notice trees, flowers, and parks. Soak up nature to give yourself a boost.


Today’s Positive Thought ~ The Sun is Still Shining

Behind the clouds is the sun still shining (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).”

We all have tough moments and tough days. Sometimes the tough times stretch out seeming to never end. Tough moments, tough days, and tough stretches all have a time limit. They’ll end. The clouds will break and the sun will shine.

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Today’s Positive Thought ~ How do You Choose to Live?

““Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each day we have a choice as to how we choose to live the day. We can live it in the gloom and despair, wallowing in self-pity. Or, we can “live in the sunshine, swim the sea and drink the wild air.”

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