Feeling Good Tip of the Day ~ Build Your Foundation

Keep a source of inspiration within reach. To help you through the tough and uninspired times, keep something close at hand that will bring you happiness and connection. It may be a photo of your family or a mentor, a book or a collection of quotations that speak to you.” Source

NOTE: Each of us will face tough times now and then. It’s easier to face them if we’ve already built a foundation that stabilizes us. When I need inspiration I go to a series of sports related videos that resonate with me where the athlete triumphs during an unexpectedly hard competition. I feel as if I am channeling their energy. Discover what works for you and make it part of your foundation.


Today’s Positive Thought ~ Tough Times Happen, You’re Tougher

“Tough times go away, tough people do not (Walter Payton).” Every human faces tough times. They are part of the fabric of human life. Much like the ocean tides tough times roll in; they also give way to the changing tide and roll away. Endure the tough times with strength, resilience, and dignity. You are tougher than the tough times. The good times are waiting for you. Hang in there. Never quit.

Think About It ~ Learning the Lessons

Think about the toughest time you’ve experienced then ask yourself, ‘What can I learn from this experience?’ There are profound lessons to discover in each of our tough experiences. We learn these lessons because we survived the tough experience. We may have been wounded. We may always carry the scars from the experience. The scars remind us of our strength and resilience. The scars remind us of what we’ve learned. The scars remind us how we were able to transform something negative and painful into something positive and beneficial. 

Today’s Positive Thought ~ Learn the Tough Times’ Lessons

“Our determination is what creates the path—our determination to make use of adversity rather than escape it (Alex Lickerman).”

If we endure the tough times and don’t let them break us, we can discover the lessons they teach us. The lessons embedded in the tough times prepare us to meet the challenges in front of us. They prepare us to succeed in multiple areas of our lives. 

Something to Think About

We all face tough times. They happen. Even on tough days, the sun is going to shine on us. We can look toward the light or we can look toward the darkness. I’ve found that the tough time have a set duration, I can’t wish them away. They’re going to hang around until, like a thunderstorm, their energy dissipates. I do know if I’m look toward the light during the tough times, I endure them a lot better than if I concentrate on the darkness. 

What If . . .

What if I find myself in the middle of a tough day? No matter how tough the day, the tough part will end. It’s part of the natural course of life. It may not end as quickly as I want it to, but it will end. There is a better day waiting ahead for us. It we patiently endure, we will leave the tough times behind us and embrace the sunshine once again. 

A Better Life ~ The Rainbow Will Appear

There are somethings you don’t get over, you just get through. These are the tough things. We’ve no choice but to keep going, keep hoping, and keep looking for the rainbow up ahead. Keep on walking, the rainbow will appear at the right time. 

A Better Life ~ There’s Another Tomorrow Coming

As long as there’s a tomorrow there’s hope. Times can be tough and the hurt may seem to never end. Hang in there. There’s another tomorrow coming and it’s going to be brighter than today. 

Something to Think About

There’s a wonderful poem entitled Breathing Underwater. When we’re going through tough times that seemingly will never end, we discover that we have to learn to breathe underwater if we are to survive. Once we learn to breathe underwater we discover the tough times run out of energy and we can begin to live once again. 

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