Health Tip of the Day ~ Want to Protect Your Eyes?

Add Sweet Potatoes & Carrots to Your Diet

Sweet potatoes provide 1,922 mcg RAE or 215 percent of the DV for vitamin A per 1 cup cooked as well as complex carbs needed for energy and nearly a quarter of your daily needs for fiber. One medium baked sweet potato contains 122 percent of the DV for vitamin A. Because vitamin A is fat-soluble (like vitamins D, E and K), it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough fat in your diet to help your body absorb the nutrient. Pair baked sweet potato with cheese or chili, two fat-rich foods that help your body absorb the vitamin A in the potato.  Carrots are  known for being eye-healthy, and that’s thanks to its beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. Per 1-cup cooked carrots, you’ll get 1,329 mcg RAE or 148 percent of the DV — so, yes, carrots are rich in vitamin A. If you prefer them raw  a medium carrot clocks in at 44 percent of the DV.


Note: I slice sweet potatoes and toss them in my air fryer. They’re great as chips with either hummus or guacamole. 

What if I saw things more clearly?

What if I saw things more clearly? I have excellent vision. I don’t wear glasses, but I don’t see things as clearly as I should. I can clearly read a printed page, but am I aware of how another person feels or what another person is experiencing when I am in that person’s company? Being aware requires a different type of sight. It is heart-sight. Heart-sight sees what the eyes don’t recognize. Heart-sight sees pain, sorrow, and the need for human kindness. I have a neighbor who has 20./20 heart-sight vision. She sees what other neighbors don’t see. She is a blessing to the neighborhood.

Today’s Power Thought ~ Be True to Yourself

Being true to yourself often means separating yourself from others. It can be a lonely walk, in the end, you’ll know you’ve chosen your path, for better or worse, walked it with your head held high, and embraced every moment of the journey.

Today’s Power Thought ~ Keep Climbing

Know where you’re going, but keep your eyes on the next step. We climb our most challenging mountains one step at a time. If we keep climbing we’ll reach the summit in due time. Keep Climbing.

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