Feel Good Tip of The Day ~ Roll With It

My amigo Jose is worried about the affect of the hot Texas sun on the new grass he planted this spring. I can understand how Jose feels since we are in a day after day cycle of 100 degree (38 C) weather. There are things in our lives we can’t change no matter how much we want to change them. Why waste a moment of energy fretting about it? It’s better to focus on what we can change and make the most of the moment. I think I’ll just roll along with the hot weather and pour myself  another  Texas sized glass of iced tea.

Today’s Good Word ~ Weather

The weather in south Texas changed. Thunderstorms and heavy rains rolled through. Wherever I’ve traveled in the U.S. folks like to say, “hang around, the weather will change.” That’s also true of us and those we know. We never know from one minute to the next what will trigger a laugh, angry outburst, tears, or sense of profound happiness. It’s best to cut each other some slack, our emotional weather changes and changes frequently. 

Today’s Good Word ~ Sunshine

l lived in a northern climate where I experienced long periods of cloudiness. There were times when the clouds seemed so thick I thought that I’d never feel the sunshine again. When the weather pattern changed and the clouds released their grip the sun flooded the area. The bright sunshine renewed the spirit of people oppressed by the gloomy weather. We have opportunities every day to be the sunshine in someone’s life. We can lift the gloom that surrounds them. Brighten the corner where you live. We need your sunshine.

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