Positive Thought of the Day ~ What Will You Create Today?

Yesterday is gone, it’s history. Tomorrow will come with  the dawn. Today is where we’re at. We have a choice of being the creator of our present moment, or, dallying in the fantasy of yesterday or tomorrow. What we do today shapes what we will find tomorrow. It’s up to us to create the kind of day we desire. C’mon show your creative chops. 

Today’s Inspiration ~ Today’s is a Gift

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

~ Bil Keane


Think About It ~ The Sunrise’s Promise


Each day is filled to overflowing with promise.

It lets us know we have another chance.

It cautions us to leave yesterday behind.  

Grab hold of this wonderful gift that comes with each sunrise.

Grateful for the promise it offers.

A Better Life ~ It’s All About Today

Don’t let your yesterdays grab hold of today. Today is new. Told is filled with promise.

Today offers the hope of something special. 

Today’s Power Thought ~ An Approach to Life

I enjoy reading fiction. When I finish a book (usually an ebook) I return it to the library and download a book I have yet to read. I look forward to the mystery with anticipation. It’s a way we can approach life. Let yesterday go, look forward to today with great anticipation. Here’s wishing you the best day ever.

Something to Think About

I am not the same person I was yesterday as I am today. Tomorrow I will be different than I am today. The change I experience may not be noticeable to me or others, but it is happening. Each time I meet a new person, I am changed. Each time I learn something new, I am changed. Each experience I have changes me. Don’t fear change.  It is your friend.

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