Life Hack: Rise & Shine Destiny Awaits You


Life Hack: AngerManagement Techniques

The Secret To More Vitality & Creativity

Often the best advice is the the most simple advice. What would you pay to learn an important secret to success? I’d try to be first in line. Once we heard the advice, would we say, “Everyone knows that?” It’s like hearing someone say, ‘Everyone knows texting and driving is dangerous.’ Yet, everyday I see people texting and driving in a city where texting and driving are illegal. Watch the short YouTube video and glean the simple advice that will give you renewed vigor, vitality, and creativity. It’s there for the taking.  Enjoy.

Be Ready For The Moment

I am psyched. Today is a new day. I have another chance and so do you. I don’t know if I’ll be successful in chasing my goals. I do know if I work hard, I have a chance. I will make myself ready for the moment, if and when it happens. Dare to challenge yourself to work hard, sacrifice for a worthy goal. Discipline yourself to put in the effort. You’ll never be disappointed. You won’t have regrets. And, if the moment happens, you’ll be ready. Enjoy the brief YouTube video starring Mark Wahlberg and the discipline he uses to stay in shape.